Lot #14: Merlot


Lot #14: Merlot

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Cherry, Raspberry, Coffee




Vegan friendly

The Languedoc-Roussillon in the South of France is a special place. Not just because it’s where we first became friends on a work trip in 2016…

Here winemakers are free from the bureaucracy of more prestigious regions - meaning they can create delicious, easy-drinking styles. Wines that real people look forward to pouring.

The beautiful coastal landscapes and colours have also inspired generations of great artists including Matisse - whose broad brushstrokes wrap your Lot #14.

Unlike stuffier regions, the Languedoc offers winemakers the freedom to get creative. This wine combines the elegant cherry and coffee flavours of a classic French Merlot, with joy-filled raspberries and blueberries. Pair with fancy pizza and a classic movie.

Floris Lemstra arrived in the Languedoc in 2007, having spent 20 years making seriously fancy wines in Burgundy. Working in a ‘less prestigious’ region meant Floris could experiment with different grapes and techniques… To make brilliant quality wines that can be enjoyed every day.

He also had the freedom to develop innovative approaches to sustainability, something he’s passionate about. The vineyards surrounding Chateau Canet, his family home, have been awarded the highest sustainability rating by the French government.

The design of your Lot #14 is a genuine snippet of artwork by Matisse. He often painted the sea or patchworks of terracotta houses in the hills, but this image of a tree in the countryside captured our imaginations.

It reminded us of Floris’ obsession with the passing seasons on the vineyard. We also thought the bold, expressive brush strokes perfectly captured the big, generous juiciness of the wine.

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