Lot #2: Sauvignon Blanc

A blue and white box of Sauvignon Blanc boxed wine on a table.
Winemaker Pierre-Jean Sauvion working in his vineyard.
A beautiful vineyard where Laylo&

Lot #2: Sauvignon Blanc

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  • 2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £11.66 per bottle
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Light to Medium


Pineapple, green apples, white peach




Vegetarian friendly

When we tasted a lineup of samples from the Loire, there was one that stood out. It had all the classiness of a French Sauvignon, but with an abundance of tropical fruits that burst from the glass.

It's no wonder this has been our most popular wine. We quickly sold out and had to beg winemaker Pierre-Jean for more!

Savour the first sniff of this fruity, joy-filled Sauvignon... all pineapples, green apples and white peach. Then when you're ready for a sip, expect an elegant and crisp wine, with a mouthwatering hint of acidity. If you're looking closely you might even notice gooseberries and blackberry leaves. Basically, it's sunshine in a glass!

Pairs perfectly with goat's cheese and great company.

Pierre-Jean has some serious winemaking pedigree. He’s the fourth-generation winemaker at his family Chateau in the Loire. But if you think that means he’s a traditionalist, think again!

"I draw upon the learnings from the past to make the best possible wine, but I also want to break free of the ‘golden prison’ of winemaking bureaucracy. To me, a great glass of wine is an empty one."

The Toile de Jouy pattern that inspired this box is as quintessentially French as baguettes and Breton stripes. Its images of rural life are filled with people, music and laughter… All the things we missed the most during lockdown.

Look closely at the design and you'll spy the story of the wine and winemaker in the rustic scenes... Think a passing jumbo jet, a definitely-out-of-place boomerang and a very boozy picnic.


Some of the best wine I've drunk in recent years. Add to this the fact that it stays fresh for 6 weeks and it's a winning combination.

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Quick delivery and really lovely wine. I can't comment on it lasting 6 weeks as mine only lasted 3 but the last glass tasted as good as the first.

on Trustpilot

Great concept, beautiful sustainable packaging and amazing wine. Oh and the customer service is top tier.

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The delivery and communication was great and the wine itself is really good quality

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Best boxed wine out there, simple as!

on Trustpilot

I’m a huge fan of Laylo’s wine boxes - so convenient to order and always delicious.

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We prefer different ones, but it's not an issue to order one of each and have our glass of our choice when we want to!

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Some the best boxed wine I have ever tasted. Very impressed!

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We are really impressed by Laylo. The next day delivery is great and the wine is delicious.

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The better way to buy wine

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