The Packaging

It's not going to win an award for sexy terminology, but this is the technical name for boxed wine packaging. Sometimes you might see this shortened to BIB.

Absolutely. The wine in your Laylo box could just as easily have been bottled in glass. However, due to the lifestyle and environmental benefits, we've boxed it instead.

Our boxes are 2.25 litres, which is the equivalent of 3 standard sized bottles of wine.

Boxed wine is intended to be enjoyed within a couple of months of purchase. So if you're looking for a wine that you can enjoy over the coming months or have some dinner parties already planned, it's a great option! Over a prolonged period (up to 12 months) the wine will lose is freshness, so it's not intended to lay down in a cellar to age.

Once open, the wine in your Laylo box will stay fresh for up to 6 weeks. This means you can enjoy the odd glass in the evening without having to worry about finishing a bottle or, worse still, pouring wine away!

The bags used in boxed wine used to be lined with aluminium, meaning they were susceptible to small cracks, which caused the wine to oxidise quickly. As a result, winemakers were reluctant to put their precious nectar into box and there was a stigma surrounding the category.These days, the technology has significantly improved with the use of complex polymers such as EVOH. It's now viable to put premium wines into box without having concerns around quality.

Yes. This is one of the great things about boxed wine. An independent survey by Gaia consulting in 2018 (the most comprehensive of its kind!) estimated that the average carbon generated per litre of wine for glass bottles was 675g. For boxed wine the figure was 70g, which is a whopping 90% reduction in the carbon footprint of your wine.To put that in context, if your household enjoys a bottle of wine per week, by switching to Laylo you'd save 20kg of annually. That's enough energy to power a 42" TV non-stop for a month.

Yes. All the elements of your box are recyclable however this isn't as simple as we'd like it to be... yet! The outer cardboard box is fully recyclable throughout the UK. No funny business.Some (but not all) local authorities allow you to recycle the inner bag as part of your standard recycling scheme. If your local authority is not included you can recycle as part of the supermarkets' national bag recycling scheme or order a freepost recycling bag from our website to return it to us.

The Wines

We are lucky enough to have worked in the wine industry for many years and have got to know lots of winemakers around the world. We're using this network and 'word of mouth' recommendations to find the very best wines to put in our boxes.

Each product page includes information about whether a wine is vegan or vegetarian.

We our wines contain sulphites. Therefore if you have any concerns please do email before making a purchase.

Placing an order

Just click 'add to basket' on any product page. Click the shopping cart icon in the top right corner and then 'checkout'. If you have any issues, drop us a live chat message or email

Order before 6pm on Monday-Friday for next day delivery with Yodel. Orders placed after 6pm will be despatched the following day and shipped with next-day delivery.

Next day delivery is free for orders of 2 or more boxes, and costs £2.99 for single box orders.

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

We try to give the customers who have signed up to our database first dibs on the boxes by launching them as a pre-order, usually a few weeks before the wine is due for delivery. If you'd like to place a pre-order, we'll ask you to pay upfront for your wine, specifying when to expect delivery and any additional perks!