Pre-order Filippo's Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 litre)

Pre-order Filippo&

Pre-order Filippo's Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 litre)

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1 litre tin (no fancy branding) | 100% olive oil | Low intervention | Harvested early 2022

Winemaker Filippo Mangione creates Extra Virgin Olive Oil from trees that are over 100 years old, growing amongst his vines on the slopes of Mount Etna. The indigenous olive varieties (with beautiful names like Biancolilla and Nocellara…) are cultivated entirely by hand. No chemicals. All at altitudes ranging from 600 to 1,000ft on the volcano.

Filippo’s side hustle has already caught the attention of some of Sicily’s top restaurants, who snapped up most of the 2022 harvest. But he’s agreed to send a one off order to the UK, exclusively for Laylo customers.

Tasting note

Filippo’s olives are harvested late in the season, when the mature skin starts to turn from green to purple. They’re manually pressed within hours of being picked, so the oil is beautifully golden and bursting full of vibrant flavour. 

Filippo tells us it’s the volcanic Etna soil that fills his oil with delicate herbal undertones and a lick of spice. All we know is that it takes tomato-and-basil-topped Bruschetta to a new level of heavenly.

Filippo's story

12 years ago Filippo returned to Sicily and bought a small vineyard on the slopes of Etna. It was in terrible condition, but he cultivated the precious old vines by hand. Eventually the yield was high enough to buy a second small vineyard.

Today he owns 24 tiny vineyards, all at different altitudes on the volcano. He farms by hand or small machinery only, with minimal intervention.

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