Look at you! Sipping wine, saving the planet...

Enjoying great wine shouldn't cost the earth...

Energy efficient.

Making and recycling glass requires temperatures of over 1500°C, which is far higher than boxes and their inner bags. By making the switch, you're helping to reduce the 17m tonnes of carbon emissions from glass wine bottles generated each year.

Easier to ship.

Before it ends up in your glass, your wine has travelled long distances on lorries or across the sea. Bottled wines weigh almost double vs. boxed, can’t be tightly packed, and need to be protected by extra plastic to avoid breakages. A triple-whammy of environmental misery.

No wasted wine.

Every year in the UK, the equivalent of over 620 million bottles of wine are poured away because they aren’t consumed fast enough. That could fill over 5,000 swimming pools! Boxed wines stay fresh for 6 weeks after opening.

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