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Each box holds the same as 3 bottles and stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening.

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    A blue and white box of Sauvignon Blanc boxed wine on a table.
    Lot #2: Sauvignon Blanc
    Perfect pressie
    Lot #14: Merlot
    Lot #13: Pinot Grigio
    Sold Out
    Laylo's Luberon Rose on a table. It is a purple box, inspired by a discarded paint pallet.
    Lot #9: Luberon Rosé
    Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz
    Laylo's Lot 11 Gruner Veltliner boxed wine on a table, surrounded by opulent gold objects. The boxed wine has a traditional painting on the box.
    Lot #11: Grüner Veltliner
    Sold Out
    Laylo's Verdejo on a table. The box has a vibrant pattern of Gaudi-esque colourful, smashed tiles.
    Lot #8: Verdejo
    Recycling Bag
    Laylo Gift Cards
    from £35.00
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    Laylo's Malbec boxed wine on a table, surrounded by plates of black fruits and chocolate, which are the flavours in the wine.
    Lot #10: Malbec


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    Heard on the grapevine...


    Our team of experts (including a fancy Master of Wine!) handpick the best wines from independent producers, so you can be confident the wines are great quality. 

    If you try one of our wines and it's not for you, simply email and we can offer a replacement or refund. 

    Each box holds the equivalent of 3 bottles and stays fresh for 6 weeks, so it's perfect for those moments where you can't justify opening a bottle. 

    Plus, each box produces 90% less CO2 than glass bottles, so it's the sustainable swap too! 

    If you order before 6pm Monday to Friday, you'll get delivery the next day. 

    Delivery is FREE for 2+ boxes, and £2.99 for single box orders.

    You might be surprised by how compact our boxes are! You'll easily be able to fit your rosé or white wine in the fridge door or shelves. 

    Boxed wine used to have a terrible reputation. However, big improvements in the packaging means that it's possible to put great wine in boxes. We intentionally have a small range because we only select the very best. 

    No! You can buy as much or as little as you like, without being tied into a subscription.

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