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Genuinely great wine. Fresh for 6 weeks from opening.

Perfect for when you fancy a glass - but don't fancy opening a bottle.
10 products
Lot #13: Pinot Grigio
Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz
Laylo's Lot 11 Gruner Veltliner boxed wine on a table, surrounded by opulent gold objects. The boxed wine has a traditional painting on the box.
Lot #11: Grüner Veltliner
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Laylo's Luberon Rose on a table. It is a purple box, inspired by a discarded paint pallet.
Lot #9: Luberon Rosé
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Laylo's Verdejo on a table. The box has a vibrant pattern of Gaudi-esque colourful, smashed tiles.
Lot #8: Verdejo
A blue and white box of Sauvignon Blanc boxed wine on a table.
Lot #2: Sauvignon Blanc
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Perfect pressie
Lot #14: Merlot
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Laylo's Malbec boxed wine on a table, surrounded by plates of black fruits and chocolate, which are the flavours in the wine.
Lot #10: Malbec

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