Why We Love Provence Rosé

When we started searching for our summer wines, a delicious rosé was top of the list. And whenever we asked your favourite style, everyone agreed - “French, pale and dry please!”. 

Since we began working in wine, this has been the trend. Deep pink Californian Zinfandel is out, while salmon-hued Provence-style rosé has become shorthand for quality. 

But what makes a delicate Provençal drop so special?

The climate

Provence and the surrounding region is perfect for growing the Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cinsault grapes that are typically used to make rosé. Long hot summers ensure they ripen beautifully, to produce the strong red fruit taste we all love. But vineyards also benefit from being close to the Med, and cool nights protect the most delicate flavours.

The winemaking techniques

As the Provence style has become more popular, winemakers have been able to invest in their tools and techniques, perfecting the gentle grape press and careful temperature control required to create that quintessential freshness. Recently there’s even been the emergence of hyper-premium rosé from the region, such as the Clos du Temple which sells for nearly £200 per bottle. 

The Insta factor

From Becks sharing snaps of his poolside Whispering Angel to the influx of celebrity-owned vineyards, there’s no doubt Provence looks great on the ‘gram. These wines remind us of long, poolside lunches, cobbled streets and landscapes punctuated by olive groves and lavender fields. Ahhhhh take us back.

On our search we tried lots of samples from the region, but loved the Lot #4: Rosé Méditerranée IGP from the get go. It has all the hallmarks of a great quality Provence-style rosé, while also not being too serious... Expect a burst of red fruit flavours on your tongue followed by a refreshing, zesty sweet lemon-like finish, which has you reaching for the next sip.

The box design is inspired by a dusky pink vintage scarf, with unashamedly glitzy gold detailing that wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet at Cannes.

We hope it brings joy to these hot summer days.