How Laylo got its name

Fun fact.

Did you know that the name Google is derived from ‘googol’, which is a 1 followed by one hundred zeros? It represents Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s mission to provide infinite information to users.

Neat. Easy to communicate. The story of ‘Laylo’ is not so simple.

Since so many of you have asked where the name comes from, here goes...

It’s a nod to our names.

Laura and Laura. We brainstormed approximately 374,473,183 names but really gravitated towards generous vowel-laden words beginning with L. Lola. Labo. Libera.

It’s got startup vibes.

The wine industry is rich with historical references; generations-old traditions and a unique vernacular only known by those ‘in the know’. We wanted to create something fresh and inclusive that would sit comfortably alongside our favourite startups like Paynter and Lick.

The trademark was available!

Since we’re being honest, this was a biggie. You find the perfect name, you fall in love with it… and then you discover it’s been trademarked by a gift shop in the Outer Hebrides.

It’s generous and joyful.

It was so important to us that our name was the verbal equivalent of sinking into the sofa with low lighting, a Tom Misch album playing and a glass of Laylo in-hand. Some might say, laying low...

So there you have it, no eureka moment or clever hidden meaning. But now it’s ours, we can’t imagine things any other way. What do you think?