The White Case
The White Case
The White Case
The White Case

The White Case

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Stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening. Each boxed wine contains 2.25L (3 bottles). 

1x Sauvignon Blanc | 11.5% ABV | Vegetarian
1x Pinot Blanc | 12% ABV | Vegan
Plus a freepost envelope to recycle your bags and taps

Here we've paired Pierre-Jean's joyful Sauvignon Blanc with Mitja's elegant Pinot Blanc. Perfect for any white wine lover. 

Sauvignon Blanc | 11.5% ABV | 2.25L (3 Bottles) | Vegetarian 

This wine has the classiness of a French Sauvignon, but with an abundance of tropical fruits that burst from the glass. Expect pineapples, green apples and white peach, with a mouthwatering hint of acidity. Basically, this joy-filled Sauvignon is sunshine in a glass!

Winemaker Pierre-Jean has some serious pedigree. He’s the fourth-generation winemaker at his family Chateau in the Loire, but if you think that means he’s a traditionalist, think again!

The Toile de Jouy pattern that inspired this box is as quintessentially French as baguettes and Breton stripes. Look closely at the design and you'll spy the story of the wine and winemaker in the rustic scenes... Think a passing jumbo jet, a definitely-out-of-place boomerang and a very boozy picnic.

Pinot Blanc | 12% ABV | 2.25L (3 Bottles) | Vegan

There’s something magical when you find a new favourite wine, particularly when it’s from an unusual region or made from a lesser-known grape. This Pinot Blanc is a fresh, approachable white wine that’s perfect as an aperitif. Aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle burst from the glass… Then a touch of Furmint gives the wine a soft, rounded taste in your mouth, followed by a refreshing lick of citrus.

Winemaker Mitja Herga is a passionate advocate for local varietals and low-intervention techniques. He has pioneered the use of Furmint - a grape usually associated with sweet Hungarian wines - to create complex, elegant blends.

The design of your Lot #5: Pinot Blanc is inspired by the geometric patterns of Slovenian folk embroidery. Its characteristic blue, black and white cross-stitch is reminiscent of traditional dress or ornate home textiles, while the bright floral motif is a nod to the fragrant perfume of the wine.