Lot #5: Pinot Blanc
Lot #5: Pinot Blanc
Lot #5: Pinot Blanc
Lot #5: Pinot Blanc
Lot #5: Pinot Blanc

Lot #5: Pinot Blanc

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2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £10.99 per bottle

Sits perfectly in your fridge and stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening.

Pinot Blanc | 12% ABV | Vegan | 2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £10.99 per bottle

There’s something magical when you find a new favourite wine, particularly when it’s from an unusual region or made from a lesser-known grape.

We had that feeling when we first tried this Pinot Blanc from Slovenia.... Blended with a dash of Furmint, it's all honeysuckle, lemon curd and jasmine. A gorgeous hidden gem.

Don't believe us? When we hosted a popup at Selfridges in December, this was our biggest seller! 

This Pinot Blanc is a fresh, approachable white wine that’s perfect as an aperitif.

Aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle burst from the glass… Then a touch of Furmint gives the wine a soft, rounded taste in your mouth, followed by a refreshing lick of citrus.

If you were to design the perfect place to make white wine, it would probably look like Slovenia. Long, hot days and cool nights mean the grapes bud early and ripen late - and its mineral-rich soils support an abundance of delicate varietals.

Mitja Herga is a passionate advocate for local varietals and low-intervention techniques. He has pioneered the use of Furmint - a grape usually associated with sweet Hungarian wines - to create complex, elegant blends.


The design of your Lot #5: Pinot Blanc is inspired by the geometric patterns of Slovenian folk embroidery.

Its characteristic blue, black and white cross-stitch is reminiscent of traditional dress or ornate home textiles, while the bright floral motif is a nod to the fragrant perfume of the wine.