Lot #15: Primitivo


Lot #15: Primitivo

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Medium to Full


Wild strawberries, figs, blackberries




Vegan friendly

This wine is the quintessential big red, with all the intense heat of the Puglian sun - the Latin inscription on the box translates to “I have come to bring fire on Earth”. Look for aromas of wild strawberries, followed by figs, baked blackberries and elegant tannins.

This Primitivo greets you with aromas of wild strawberries... Then take a sip, and its juicy red berries envelop you in a warm Italian hug. It's a wine that begs to be paired generous helpings of Pasta Puttanesca and unselfconscious laughter.

The Lot #15: Primitivo is made by Ivano Emiliani, who travels around Italy on his motorbike discovering small parcels of top-notch grapes. It’s his passion to create crowd-pleasing styles that bring people together.

When we asked him to find us some delicious Primitivo, he headed straight to Puglia - the ‘heel’ of Italy. Thanks to the region’s dry climate, Puglian grapes ripen early, resulting in wines that are weighty, luscious and full of fruit.

Your Lot #15: Primitivo makes a big impact - and we wanted to find a piece of art that did it justice. Step forward Andrea Pozzo…

Andrea was a seventeenth century Jesuit brother, architect, decorator, stage designer and art theoretician. A busy guy. And the fresco that wraps your wine is his masterpiece - the nave of the Jesuit church of Sant'Ignazio.

It depicts Saint Ignatius ascending to heaven; all angels, warriors and bursting rays of light. We loved the pinky purple of the sky (a nod to the purple Primitivo grapes) and the way Andrea’s dramatic perspective creates the illusion of three dimensions on a flat surface.

On close inspection you’ll even spot 8 hidden glasses of wine. Just remember to pour yourself a nice glass of Primitivo first…

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