Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz
Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz
Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz
Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz
Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz

Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz

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2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £12.33 per bottle

Stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening.

Tinto de Estremoz | 14% ABV 2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £12.33 per bottle

It takes a village to bring a wine from the winery to your table. And one of the best parts of our job is speaking to all the people involved…

We asked one of the João Ramos winery team what his perfect pairing would be with the Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz.

His reply was perfect.

He told us that Estremoz is famous for its clear night skies, filled with stars. He’d enjoy a glass with his wife under a warm blanket.

Forget “indigenous varietals” and “traditional winemaking techniques”... That moment is what this wine is all about.

Made from 5 impossible-to-pronounce local varietals and a dash of Merlot, this bold, inky wine is all plump cherries and dark, mature fruit. A slight touch of French and Hungarian oak gives it a lick of spice, with tannins that taste like liquid velvet. 

It pairs perfectly with chargilled lamb... And is best enjoyed with a warm blanket, beneath the stars.

Your Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz was made by Donzilia Copeto, Head Winemaker at the João Ramos winery in Alentejo - which means you’re in the hands of winemaking legends.

Before the 1974 revolution in Portugal, Alentejo wasn’t considered a wine region by the rest of the world. This was transformed by a small number of visionaries, including João Ramos. He introduced new varietals to create top quality, distinctive blends.

Donzilia has been with João from the start. She’s a trailblazer of sustainable winemaking practices, picking up the odd “Winemaker of the Year” gong along the way. But her pet project has been to create the perfect Alentejo blend. After 30 years, she’s nailed it...

Tinto de Estremoz was made just outside the ‘Marble City’ of Estremoz, where doorsteps, pavements and even the cobblestones in the street are made from marble.

For centuries the locals have mined some of the world’s most treasured stone - and none is more valuable than the pink Rosa Aurora, which features on the box of your Lot #12: Tinto de Estremoz.

Donzilia Copeto’s wine is deeply rooted in this place - the same hot, dry climate that illuminates the marble streets of Estremoz has resulted in the big, generous wine in your glass.

Combining the two through the box design felt like a natural choice. Luckily for us, it also looks seriously beautiful.


Some of the best wine I've drunk in recent years. Add to this the fact that it stays fresh for 6 weeks and it's a winning combination.


The wine itself was lovely. The boxes were beautifully presented and were a great size for fitting neatly in the fridge.