Lot #10: Malbec
Lot #10: Malbec
Lot #10: Malbec
Lot #10: Malbec
Lot #10: Malbec

Lot #10: Malbec

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2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £11.66 per bottle

Stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening.

Malbec | 13% ABV | Vegan 2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £11.66 per bottle

When people rave about Malbec they generally mean the smooth, rich Argentinian stuff. But shipping small batched wines from Argentina can cause all sorts of headaches.

Then there are the well behaved French options. Which aren’t very ‘us’.

So we’d almost given up hope of a Laylo Malbec, until an unlikely sample from Spanish winemaker Lauren Rosillo blew us away… A parcel of top notch grapes, nestled on top of a steep hill, soaking up the Spanish heat, in the hands of a bona fide winemaking legend.

Despite its juicy mulberry, blackcurrant and cocoa flavours, Malbec is a fickle little number. The grape’s thin skin means it’s particularly sensitive to the environment - even the tiniest changes in soil, heat, altitude or rainfall can make a big difference to the taste.

On La Mancha’s famously flat plains there’s an anomaly. A tiny vineyard at the top of a steep hill, perfectly positioned to soak up the Spanish heat, but high enough to enjoy long, cool evenings. Heaven for Malbec.


Winemaker Lauren Rosillo is a master of his craft. With degrees in technical agriculture, agricultural engineering and oenology under his belt, it’s fair to say he’s learnt the ‘fancy footwork’ of winemaking. But the result is anything but strait-laced… His wine is generous, passionate and unselfconscious.

The design of your Lot #10: Malbec is inspired by a traditional flamenco fan (or pericón).

When you think of flamenco, you probably imagine the fiery romance of its most famous dance - the Tango. But to achieve the illusion of impulsive passion requires years of study… The top performers combine lightning-fast footwork with absolute precision, much like the skills Lauren embodies in his winemaking.


Some of the best wine I've drunk in recent years. Add to this the fact that it stays fresh for 6 weeks and it's a winning combination.


The wine itself was lovely. The boxes were beautifully presented and were a great size for fitting neatly in the fridge.