Lot #13: Pinot Grigio


Lot #13: Pinot Grigio

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Medium Dry




Lemon zest, white peach, cantaloupe melon




Vegan friendly

We aren’t wine snobs about many things. Then there’s mass-produced Pinot Grigio… There’s nothing actually wrong with it. But it’s usually pretty samey. A nice wine with nothing much to say.

You deserve better.

In North East Italy there are hundreds of tiny, family-run vineyards. And when you taste the really good stuff, made by a small-scale producer like Arrigo Bidoli… Lemons, peach and honeydew melon! It’s a seriously elegant grape.

Arrigo Bidoli relies on simple, traditional techniques to create his take on Italy’s most famous white grape. On first sniff you’ll be greeted with peach and honeydew melon… Then it’s all citrus peel and creamy stone fruit to the taste.

Your Lot #13: Pinot Grigio was made by third-generation winemaker, Arrigo Bidoli. It comes from the oldest winery in Friuli, a region in the far North East of Italy, which is hundreds of miles from the hot Mediterranean climate most people associate with Italy... Cool, alpine territory, where white grapes ripen slowly and gracefully.

The design of your Lot #13: Pinot Grigio was inspired by traditional Italian decorative paper.

Paper making was introduced to Italy over 800 years ago by Arab merchants, who travelled the Silk Road from China. Handmade marble and floral wallpaper became a “must have” for wealthy Italian households - and featured on the shopping list of aristocratic young men taking the Grand Tour of Europe.

If you think it looks ‘a little bit William Morris’, you’re right… He often visited North East Italy and was inspired by its landscapes and artisan traditions.

The green and yellow colours are a nod to the cool, fresh flavours in the wine, with the soft peachy pinks of ripe Pinot Grigio grapes. We also thought they’d look beautiful on a country kitchen countertop.

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