The Picnic Selection
The Picnic Selection
The Picnic Selection
The Picnic Selection

The Picnic Selection

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Stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening.

1x Sauvignon Blanc | 11.5% ABV | 2.25L (3 Bottles) | Vegetarian
1x Nero d'Avola & Nerello Mascalese | 13% ABV | 2.25L (3 Bottles) | Vegan
2x Grenache Rosé | 12% ABV | 2.25L (3 Bottles) | Vegan

Try each of our wines, with an extra box of Rosé for good measure.

Wine is traditionally bought in cases of 12 bottles - this case of Laylo contains the same amount of wine but is lighter and smaller (which is better for the environment) and each box stays fresh for 6 weeks after opening. Which is great news all round.

Sauvignon Blanc | 11.5% ABV | 2.25L (3 Bottles) | Vegetarian 

This wine has the classiness of a French Sauvignon, but with an abundance of tropical fruits that burst from the glass. Expect pineapples, green apples and white peach, with a mouthwatering hint of acidity. Basically, this joy-filled Sauvignon is sunshine in a glass!

Winemaker Pierre-Jean has some serious pedigree. He’s the fourth-generation winemaker at his family Chateau in the Loire, but if you think that means he’s a traditionalist, think again!

The Toile de Jouy pattern that inspired this box is as quintessentially French as baguettes and Breton stripes. Look closely at the design and you'll spy the story of the wine and winemaker in the rustic scenes... Think a passing jumbo jet, a definitely-out-of-place boomerang and a very boozy picnic.

Nero d'Avola & Nerello Mascalese | 13% ABV | 2.25L (3 Bottles) | Vegan

Made from grapes grown on the slopes of Mount Etna, this medium-bodied and sophisticated red could only be from Sicily. The spiced cherry and red berry flavours couple with soft tannins to evoke the romance and fiery spirit of the island.

12 years ago winemaker Filippo returned to Sicily and bought a small vineyard on the slopes of Etna. It was in terrible condition, but he cultivated the precious old vines by hand. Today he owns 24 tiny vineyards, all at different altitudes on the volcano. He farms by hand or small machinery only, with minimal intervention.

The marbled design is intended to reflect Sicily’s volcanic earth. Its intense red, green and gold colours ground the design in the natural world - hot, sun-drenched soils, old gnarled vines and the shadow of Mount Etna.

Grenache | 12% ABV | 2.25L (3 Bottles) | Vegan

This pale rosé could only be from the South of France. It's all strawberries and cream with a refreshing, delicate finish. It has all the hallmarks of a great quality rosé, while also not being too serious. Just as it should be.

This Provence-style rose was created from 100% grenache grapes, grown in the Luberon mountains where the high altitude keeps the grapes cool enough to preserve their delicate, red fruit flavours.

The design evokes the timeless glamour of the French Riviera. It’s inspired by a dusky pink vintage scarf, with unashamedly glitzy gold detailing that wouldn’t look out of place in Cannes. And if you look closely, you’ll spot golden suns and crescent moons… A nod to the grapes ripened by the Mediterranean sunshine, then harvested under moonlight to preserve their crisp elegance.