The Red Case
The Red Case
The Red Case

The Red Case

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Stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening.  Each boxed wine contains 2.25L (3 bottles). 

1x Malbec | 13% ABV | Vegan

1x Tempranillo | 14.5% ABV | Vegan

Plus a freepost envelope to recycle your bags and taps

Malbec | 13% ABV | Vegan

Despite its juicy mulberry, blackcurrant and cocoa flavours, Malbec is a fickle little number. The grape’s thin skin means it’s particularly sensitive to the environment - even the tiniest changes in soil, heat, altitude or rainfall can make a big difference to the taste.

On La Mancha’s famously flat plains there’s an anomaly. A tiny vineyard at the top of a steep hill, perfectly positioned to soak up the Spanish heat, but high enough to enjoy long, cool evenings. Heaven for Malbec.

Tempranillo | 14.5% ABV | Vegan

This is an intense, ruby hued wine that bursts from the glass with black cherries and dried fig. Take a sip and you’ll be treated to juicy fruit, elegant tannins and a lick of cedar. Then silky smooth tannins give it a super-luxurious quality.

Winemaker Luis Santamaria's vineyard in Zamora, North-West Spain, is full of gnarled bush vines growing on sandy soils, with no shade to protect them from the region’s long, hot summers. And this is precisely what makes this wines so special.

The design of this box takes inspiration from cosy Rioja tapas bars. Hidden within the tiles, you’ll notice a little stonemason named Juan. He’s the grandfather of the vineyard’s owners, who swapped his chisel for the winery back in 1916. Based on this wine, we’d say that was a very good decision.