Lot #6: Tempranillo
Lot #6: Tempranillo
Lot #6: Tempranillo
Lot #6: Tempranillo
Lot #6: Tempranillo
Lot #6: Tempranillo

Lot #6: Tempranillo

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2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £11.99 per bottle

Stays fresh for 6 weeks from opening.

Tempranillo | 14.5% ABV | Vegan | 2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £11.99 per bottle

Your Lot #6: Tempranillo makes a bold entrance, all juicy black cherries and figs bursting from the glass, with a delicious lick of vanilla. A guaranteed crowd-pleaser! 

Our original Tempranillo left big boots to fill. On this little beauty, we think they’ll be a snug fit.

This is an intense, ruby-hued wine that bursts from the glass with black cherries and dried fig. Take a sip and you’ll be treated to juicy fruit, vanilla and a lick of cedar. Then silky smooth tannins give it a super-luxurious quality.

The perfect companion to a chunk of Manchego, it’s the sort of wine that begs for candlelight and company.

Winemaker Luis Santamaria used 100% Tempranillo to create your luxurious Lot #6.

If you were to visit him at his vineyard in Zamora, North-West Spain, you might be forgiven for thinking his vines look a little thirsty. Gnarled bush vines grow on sandy soils, with no shade to protect them from the region’s long, hot summers.

But this is precisely what makes the wines so special.


The design of your Lot #6 is a twist on our original Tempranillo box, taking inspiration from cosy Rioja tapas bars.

We’ve replaced multicoloured tiles with rich shades of blue and gold, to reflect the sumptuous quality of the wine. Still a tapas bar, but the sort where you hope somebody else is footing the bill.

Hidden within the tiles, you’ll notice the region’s crest and Laylo’s unofficial mascots, a pair of grape-laden Angels. And if you look very carefully you might also see a little stonemason named Juan. He’s the grandfather of the vineyard’s owners, who swapped his chisel for the winery back in 1916. Based on this wine, we’d say that was a very good decision.

Some of the best wine I've drunk in recent years. Add to this the fact that it stays fresh for 6 weeks and it's a winning combination.


The wine itself was lovely. The boxes were beautifully presented and were a great size for fitting neatly in the fridge.